Monday, March 26, 2007


One thing that really pisses me off is when others act inconsiderate: when they simply ignore all the extra effort you put in at work, or when they think that they know you and make your decisions for you, or when they try to tell you what you should be doing or how about when they force you to do something that you wouldn't normally given the situation. Just because one is at a higher level or position, or enjoys more power, or is more mature; does not give them any right to be inconsiderate towards others. Nothing gives anyone a right to make act on others behalf; unless the other person really agrees to be in that situation. Nothing even gives someone the right to tell others that what they think is wrong.

We humans sometimes act weird. As we live everyday, but we forget that in the end each person has a right to live their own life and to do anything they want to. And most often in our state-of-forgetfulness we wrong others and never even realize the consequences of our actions.

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